New for 2018!

In 2018 I will be transitioning all new recipes to only vegan recipes on this website. In time I may take the non-vegan recipes on this site and alter them to a vegan version of the same (Most are already vegan) but they may remain the same for some time to come.

I will be creating mostly oil free, sugar free, whole food recipes that revolve somewhat around the Nutritarian diet created by Dr Joel Fuhrman. I have been pretty impressed with his ideas thus far and I’m incorporating them into my life more. His focus seems to be mainly maximizing your intake of nutrients to impact your health in the best way possible.  He is a strong advocate of a diet heavy in fresh fruits and vegetables.  He also has some very helpful tools that help people to remember what they should eat every day.  Please take some time to go to his website and explore.  Here is the link. As such I am excited to be sharing my love of good food and my desire to live a healthy lifestyle with you!

Also new in 2018, barring any unforeseen events, I will be teaching Vegan cooking classes focusing on a Nutritarian approach, that’s goal is to maximize nutritional content of the food. I also strongly focus on making recipes simple to make, non-expensive, and wholesome while still bearing incredible flavor. I plan to teach them through the Adult Education system in Lincoln County Maine. They will most likely be held in Damariscotta in the Fall of 2018. Please keep an eye out for them and spread the word.