This blog was created because I was frustrated with a lot of the recipes and resources that most new vegetarians come across.  I am often annoyed that many cookbooks want families to make meals that take hours of prep work and often have hard to find expensive ingredients.  I am a mother of four, and I would much rather be playing outside in the dirt with the kids, than bending over a stove for hours every day or spending a fortune on food.

I didn’t like how almost every book I found was trying to focus on replacing meat in every meal with a meat alternative product or recipe, such as oat burgers, or the prepared vegetarian burgers you find in the produce section of most grocery stores these days. While I do enjoy some vegetarian meat and dairy products, and do eat them, the cost can be a bit prohibitive for a lot of families, and in reality most of those products are not much healthier than meat, if healthier at all. If the food isn’t filling and delicious without these products, something is wrong in my opinion.  I do include some alternative recipes as well, but as a rule most of my dishes don’t have substitute products of any sort in them.

Vegetables and fruit should be prepared in a way that they are wholesome, filling, delicious, nutritious and affordable. Food ingredients should be easy to find locally.  I don’t believe a diet should be heavy on gluten, grains and carbs and super low on fats. I don’t believe grains and carbs to be bad for you, quite the contrary, however I don’t personally believe they should make up the bulk of the vegetarian diet.  Regarding fats, I believe people are healthiest when they consume lots of healthy fats, and a lot of vegetarians try to restrict fat intake to very little or nothing.  In my opinion that is a very dangerous and health robbing practise. Of course not all fats are equal, many really are harmful, and cooking them often alters healthy fats to unhealthy, but I do believe fats are essential to health. Also the Omega-3 fats, Omega-6 fats and Omega-9 fats are all different topics as well. I am not a registered dietitian so don’t take my personal opinions as fact.

I have been vegetarian most of my life, and have hundreds of friends that are vegetarians.  I have taught and helped lead classes on vegetarian cooking. I have bought and read many vegetarian cookbooks and considered writing one of my own. I am fascinated on nutrition and how various cooking techniques and how certain vitamins and nutrients affect the body.  I spend hours of my time reading about food and nutrition. I love cooking for people that enjoy good food.  I however do not enjoy washing dishes.  So if you enjoy food, enjoy cooking, want to try some simple vegetarian recipes or want to do my dishes, please read this blog and I hope you enjoy it.


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