Grapefruit – Watermelon Mocktail

KODAK Digital Still Camera

I was going to post a raspberry chia drink however I discovered my raspberry tea was all used up. I made another chia drink but really wanted to post something with a nice pink color so I decided to make this. I’m glad I did because it’s extremely easy, tasty, refreshing and pretty. My kids love it and they love that I’m letting them drink out of my fancy “cups”.

Ingredients for two drinks:

1 – 2 pink grapefruits (You can use white ones if you love bite)

1 small watermelon – there will be surplus

KODAK Digital Still Camera
Chop up your watermelon and make a bunch of little cubes and fill up the glasses with the watermelon cubes.  Then cut the grapefruit in half, pick out the seeds, and squeeze the juice from one half into each glass. You should have it about 3/4 full with watermelon cubes and grapefruit juice.
KODAK Digital Still Camera
Filling up the glasses with grapefruit juice. You can’t get any fresher than this. My son took the picture.
KODAK Digital Still Camera
Once you get 3/4 full with grapefruit juice, mash up some watermelon in a bowl , strain out the pulp, and pour slowly into each glass until it’s full. The top will be this lovely red color and will create a layered effect. Top with a small wedge of watermelon for looks. Enjoy.

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